LETTER: Vote Martin, Wolf and Sprenkle in Hellam

York Dispatch

As a Hellam Township resident for almost 40 years, I can appreciate the changes that have occurred here to allow for more housing and industry while retaining rural character.

It is an unique combination of rolling farmland, river shores and small businesses. Dotted among the hills are small clusters of homes and farmsteads with housing developments placed near the boroughs of Wrightsville and Hallam. Commercial and Industry zones are near the Route 30 Wrightsville interchange and west of Hallam on Route 462 where infrastructure already exists.

This mixture of uses is not by accident. It is the result of good planning and zoning, much of which was put in place by the current Board of Supervisors, including Mike Martin and Steve Wolf, both of whom are up for reelection this Nov. 3.

The current Board of Supervisors has proven to be fiscally conservative in not raising taxes in 12 years, while maintaining our excellent police and fire companies, library and recreation commission.

Martin and Wolf, along with Bill Sprenkle, are running as Democrats on the ballot for Hellam Township Supervisor. I will be voting for Mike Martin, Steve Wolf and Bill Sprenkle.


Hellam Twp.