LETTER: Proud of achievements in Hellam Twp.

York Dispatch

It was extremely disturbing for me to learn of a letter that was mailed to the residents of Hellam Township disparaging the current Board of Supervisors. This letter contained falsehoods and innuendos regarding the actions of the majority on the board.

I found this letter personally insulting, as I was both a resident and a fellow board member, serving for over 13 years until August when I relocated. I am proud of the achievements of this board, as we have maintained the rural character of the township, while at the same time enhancing the health and safety for residents without increases in the municipal tax.

We have applied the principles of Smart Growth with these achievements, and the Smart Growth candidates on the November ballot will continue in the path of past years.

The opposition candidates' platform is designated as a "Fresh Start," whatever that means. If you find life in Hellam Township satisfying as it is, then I suggest you cast your vote for those three Smart Growth candidates: Martin, Wolf and Sprenkle.


Conestoga, Pa.