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LETTER: Keep political infighting out of local public service

The York Dispatch

I am compelled to write this letter just for the simple reason of being fed up with the childish games being played on the local level for the position of Dover Township Board of Supervisor. I grew up in Dover later moving to Spring Grove and returning with my wife to live only a short distance from where I was raised so long ago.

I was brought up with the old adage of the original Boy Scouts mentality, troop 158 to be exact. To outright lie, slander or wrongfully accuse someone was looked down upon with great distaste. I sit and turn the channel when the presidential debates come on as the childish comments and name calling is simply ridiculous anymore and now, I find it happening here on the local level as well.

Has anyone done any homework that any responsible voter is supposed to do to find the truth? Rob Stone has served and is serving with me on the Dover Township Sewer Authority and had it not been for the influence and knowledge that Rob has concerning insurance, funding possibilities and bonding terminology, our outcome of the litigation issue from the sewer plant upgrade from 2010 could have been extremely different than it was.

Rob is a staunch conservative with very strong roots in the township with raising a family to building a business and resides there today and looks to the future for the township. As a conservative, Rob knows full well the financial standing of the township and concurs with many of us, not to mention the township residents themselves, that the sewer system and the water system stays in full control of the township manager and the delegating authorities under her.

No sale, lease, rent or handout whatsoever to any outside source is conceivable. The sewer system, albeit aging and in dire need of repairs, will need the understanding of the residents of the township as to any unforeseen or anticipated rates hikes come the future for any such repairs and upgrades, this goes without saying as all infrastructure (lines, plant, etc.) needs constant repairs, maintenance and upgrading.

How many residents ever came to the plant to understand just what really is involved with sewage treatment and what many residents dump into the system and the damage it does? It is a very costly, time and labor consuming operation and along with the other members of the Authority, Rob is very committed to keeping all of our systems in the hands of the township and no others. My vote goes to Rob.


Chairman, Dover Township Sewer Authority