LETTER: Menges crucial for family court

York Dispatch

Please Vote for Chris Menges for judge in York County on Nov. 3.

Why? Many reasons can be advanced, but I want to highlight one in particular that I have worked with over the years. Chris is committed to being a judge in the family court for his entire term of office and specifically he hopes to improve the family court system by, among other items, having One Judge–One Family throughout the process.

Having worked as a counselor with people involved in family law issues over the years, I can say that the York County family court structure needs improvement in order to best assist families going through difficult times. Chris has been committed to helping families in need throughout his career and is uniquely experienced for the much needed and important task of restructuring our family court.

Many other skills, wide legal experience and character qualify him for you vote, but this one commitment alone is crucial for families in York County. And he is both honest and hard-working, which means he will pursue his promised commitments. Please vote with me for Chris Menges for Judge on Nov. 3.


York City