LETTER: President ignores facts about guns

York Dispatch

President Obama didn't bother waiting to get the facts about the last mass shooting in Oregon on Oct. 1 before going on TV and calling for more gun control. He ignores things like many of the shooters had signs of mental instability, which people close to them didn't report. These shooters are cowards who shoot helpless people, usually in gun-free zones, where they know they won't get any armed resistance. The college where the shooting took place only had one unarmed security guard, which the shooter knew about in advance.

The president ignores facts such as: He released hundreds of convicted violent felons from prison and refuses to deport illegal immigrants hoping to legalize them to vote Democratic, even though there are probably some criminals among them. Recently, an immigrant who was deported five times murdered two women in San Francisco after being released from prison there due to their flawed law, being one of the sanctuary cities the federal government recognizes.

The president also turns a blind eye to cities like his hometown Chicago, which has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation and had over 1,700 shootings and 349 killings so far this year. This is typical in areas with the harshest gun laws because criminals ignore laws. What we need is more crime and drug enforcement. Drugs are the cause of most of our crime, perpetrated by illegally armed gangs fighting over drug turf.

We see this scenario in York, where several gang shootings occur each week, some of them fatal. We need tougher sentencing to take these criminals off the streets. Let them know if they do the crime they do the time. Our courts are like a revolving door. The president calls for "universal registration," which means a federal record of all gun owners leading to probable confiscation like happened in England, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

The anti-gun factions like to blame the National Rifle Association for resisting more laws, but the fact is these members are law-abiding citizens and are not causing the crime. We have enough laws but our government is reluctant to enforce them to the maximum.


East Manchester Twp.