LETTER: Stunning 'Aladdin, Jr." at YLT

York Dispatch

It's a "Whole New World" at York Little Theatre. I recently had the distinct pleasure of attending YLT's 83rd season ppener, Disney's "Aladdin, Jr." But don't let the title fool you. This production was anything but "junior. From curtain-up to the final bow, the stage was flooded with nearly 40 of York County's most talented and exuberant "kid" actors — who literally transported you to an "Arabian Night" no audience member will soon forget.

Director Rene Staub brought together some of the best children and young adults the area has to offer — each one taking on their role with poise and stage presence that goes far beyond their years. And after seeing this show, I suspect we will be saying "we knew them when" — as many of these kids will go on to do great things in our community and beyond. As if the children's triple threat talent was not enough (that's right, they can all act, sing and dance), the set and costume designs were in a word — stunning. Each costume had every bit the glitz and glamour of anything you would see on Broadway.

It was evident that the attention to every detail — whether it be the choreography, vocal coaching, set design, costumes pieces or lighting effects — was the result of hundreds of hours of work by extremely talented and dedicated YLT staff, volunteers and parents.

York Little Theatre is true community theatre at its best and "Aladdin, Jr." has set the tone for what will be an outstanding theatrical season this year at YLT. I encourage you to rediscover the world of live theater right in your own backyard and visit www.YLT.org for upcoming shows and tickets.


Board member

York Little Theatre