LETTER: Dover Twp. wants unnecessary water rate hike

York Dispatch

After some discussion earlier this year of selling or leasing Dover Township's water and wastewater systems, residents loudly and clearly voiced that they wanted to retain local control of the systems, particularly for rate setting.

Now, a 10 percent rate increase is proposed for water customers. Monica Love, the supervisor who handles the water department budget, supports this massive rate increase. However, a rate study the township had performed this year to help it plan for much needed repairs and improvements says that only an 8 percent increase is warranted and not until 2017. Love's proposed budget for the township water system takes an extra 10 percent from customers this year and 2 percent more than needed for following years.

Retaining local control of rate setting gives customers a voice. Now Dover Township's water customers need to let their elected officials know they can't afford a 10 percent increase this year just so the township can increase the balance of its savings account.


Dover Twp.