LETTER: Your vote matters in November

York Dispatch

On Nov. 3 we will have the opportunity to go to the polls. The off-year election is where we elect many of our local officers including school board members. I will use West York as an example, but many other districts are very similar.

Five of the nine school board seats are on the ballot. Two incumbents are not running. This means that we will certainly see two new members of the four new names on the ballot. With the two leaving, it is certain that there will be two new faces in the next board picture. There could be four. The voters will decide that.

I hear statements like, "My vote doesn't matter." It does. Some would say I wasn't properly elected. I ran a three-day write in campaign for school board in May six years ago. I got 37 Republican and 12 Democrat votes in the primary. If three less Democrats had written me in I would not have been on the Democrat ballot and may not have won in the fall.

Your vote does count. Learn who the candidates are, then vote.


West Manchester Twp.