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LETTER: Toomey's terrible record on veteran issues

York Dispatch

Pennsylvania Sen. Pat Toomey's votes in the U.S. Senate got him a 0 percent rating from the Disabled American Veterans for 2014, according to Project Vote Smart. I researched his record after seeing a television commercial for Toomey that made a very different claim on how he supports veterans.

As a Congressman, Toomey voted to send our military to war in Iraq and Afghanistan, so of all people he should have been a strong supporter of our veterans. But he voted against veteran's jobs bills and against 12 Department of Veterans Affairs funding bills, which also fund health care for veterans.

Toomey also overlooks the needs of female veterans; in Pennsylvania alone there are over 71,000 female veterans.

Last year, Sen. Toomey voted against a bill that would have provided support for woman veterans when they leave the military after returning from a prolonged deployment. It would have provided counseling services and information on reintegration back into their family and community. It would also have provided employment, stress reduction, occupational and financial counseling to help female veterans readjust after their service to our country.

No television commercial can change Toomey's terrible voting record on supporting veterans. His actions by voting "no" on so many chances to help our veterans speak much louder than words.


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