LETTER: Casey's wise vote on Iran deal

York Dispatch

I write to thank you publicly for your critical support of the nuclear agreement with Iran, called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

This agreement was negotiated over many months by our country's leaders and leaders from a formidable group of other nations, most of whom are long-standing allies, though some are not.

I understand that your decision is based on your thorough research of both the JCPOA and alternative actions, months of reading arguments and speaking to experts on both sides of the issue, and careful evaluation of the stringency of plans to verify Iran's compliance with the agreement, as well as deterrence options should Iran try to cheat. Would that all our legislators were as conscientious and thorough as you have been.

For the United States to withdraw from this agreement would isolate us from much of the rest of the world, just when our reputation has improved after the war-mongering Bush years. Our withdrawal would likely have other, more severe consequences — ranging from another prolonged war in the Middle East to economic losses for our country in the form of trade closed off to us, while other nations take advantage of new trading patterns in the Middle East.

Iran is a country in transition. There is a vast difference between the average young Iranians and the old hardliners who hate the United States. These younger people desperately want to join the rest of the world, and the jubilation in their faces when the agreement was announced is not something we Americans should resent. With the passage of time, who knows what Iran will be like? A diplomatic solution now could result in a very different country in 10 years. If this agreement helps Iran become a stronger player in the global economy, that may be a good thing. Wars and terrorism are more likely generated in countries of deprivation, where the people are poor, starving, crushed.

Thank you for your leadership in giving diplomacy a chance. The alternatives are grim.