LETTER: Grateful Toomey is fighting for children

York Dispatch

Last month, thanks to Sen. Pat Toomey's ongoing, multi-year efforts, the Senate unanimously passed Sen. Toomey's legislation to prevent known pedophiles from moving from one school to another with no forewarning Sen. Toomey's bipartisan legislation prohibits the despicable practice of passing the trash — when schools fail to prevent a known sex offender from obtaining a new job at another school.

This is only one of Sen. Toomey's many efforts on behalf of children. Sen. Toomey co-sponsored the bipartisan Justice for Victims of Trafficking Act, which protects victims of human trafficking and increases funds for children and adults who have been trafficked. President Obama recently signed this bill into law.

Sen. Toomey has authored the Fairness for Crime Victims Act, which will dramatically increase funds for victims of child abuse, rape, domestic violence and other crimes. In Pennsylvania, victim service groups, such the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape, will see available funds more than quadruple — rising from $18 million in 2014 to $80 million. I was proud to spend months helping Sen. Toomey draft this bill, testify before the U.S. Senate Budget Committee on this bill, and was thrilled to see that committee report Sen. Toomey's legislation unanimously.

Having fought beside Sen. Toomey, I was offended at the letter from John Brennan, suggesting that Sen. Toomey was using "children as pawns." As someone who has worked with victims of rape for years, I can tell you that the senator is sincerely dedicated to protecting our children. Just as appalling, Mr. Brennan's letter suggested that Sen. Toomey's legislation was not needed, calling it "mostly redundant." Passing the trash happens. Just ask one of the numerous child advocacy groups (such as mine), law enforcement groups, or pediatricians who have worked to enact this legislation.

I hope your readers will dismiss distorted, ad hominem arguments like the ones made by Mr. Brennan. I am grateful that Sen. Toomey is fighting for our children.


Legal director

Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape