LETTER: Whistle concert performers send prayers to METSO workers

York Dispatch

It was very sad to learn of the planned March closing of the METSO company facility in York.

The METSO staff has bent over backwards in the last two years to oversee the re-installation of the factory whistle from the New York Wire Cloth Co. building to their facility. The environment they supplied us to conduct our annual Christmas morning whistle concert was welcoming and very professional. The residents who came out to the listen to the whistle had plenty of parking available to "tail-gate" and welcome Christmas Day.

We are preparing for our 2015 edition of the whistle concert at METSO but with a heavy heart knowing that, at least at this time, it appears this will be the last year music will originate from the Arch Street facility.

We thank everyone who has been involved from 1889 until now for this concert, from the staff of the New York Wire Cloth Co. and METSO to members of the Factory Whistle Committee and the York County Community Foundation for seeing the continuation of the Christmas Day concert. We now turn our attention to planning the 2016 factory whistle concert and future at another site.

Our prayers go out to the METSO employees who will be displaced by the closing of the facility. I, myself, went through two such situations in my life and know what you are feeling.


Christmas Day Whistle Concert Performers