LETTER: Trump supporter predicts 'date of reckoning'

York Dispatch

I read with interest your article by Greg Gross about York County voters get real on Trump talk.

One of the most ridiculous comments by a non-fan is exactly what is wrong with this country, and it would come from an intellectually bankrupt York countian David Fair to make a statement as ridiculous as "supporting Trump, that's like supporting cancer. Trump is the poster child for everything that is wrong in America today."

Tell me what lie Trump has been speaking? None. What he is saying is the truth about the sad condition of our country, including the bankruptcy of the intellect of individuals like Mr. Fair.

Donald Trump is an American and will not be dictated to by political donors. He has earned every bit of his stature in this country.

For those making ridiculous statements about the man, be aware that the date of reckoning is coming and you may need to wipe tons of egg off of your face by election time.

Fair and balanced went out the window at the first debate, and it is time to mention the fantastic following that is growing for a true American who believes in his country and the military that protects us. If you can't state facts, name-calling went out in grade school.


Springettsbury Twp.