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LETTER: Who's maintaining York City lights

York Dispatch

Apparently someone in York got a lot of money to put signs up. They are appearing everywhere, on every road and are being placed without any plan to limit the amount of labor being used, which is obvious by their random installation all over the city. I've never seen such eye pollution generated in such a short period of time.

But what annoys me greatly is that at the beginning of the year we had three lights on the Rail Trail performing their own version of what we've become accustomed to on any dance floor in any American bar, flickering off and on and off and on without any regard to rhythm.

Just a short eight months later we now have six flickering lights, all between West King and West Princess streets doing their best to annoy those who live nearby. Too bad we can't replace them with signs because we'd have enough money to light up the entire Rail Trail like an airport.

Now there's talk about putting lighting on the three bridges (West Philly, West King and West Princess) after they've been replaced, which is going to occur over a course of years due to lack of funds. I wonder who will pay to replace those light bulbs or fix their wiring when they begin their own dance of death. These lights have been placed on bridges across every city in America but more often than not more than 40 percent of those bulbs are no longer lit and they look awful. Why? Because we always have enough money to build, create or do new things but never enough money to maintain any of it.


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