LETTER: Toomey no leader on veteran issues

York Dispatch

What will veterans remember when they think of Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Pennsylvania? Well, the Koch Brothers' new TV advertisement would have us believe that Toomey is a leader in passing legislation to provide veterans with immediate, quality affordable health care, and that he is committed to making sure every veteran is provided with health care and the benefits they deserve.

I'd like to take some time to debunk these dubious claims, because I am familiar with Sen. Toomey's voting record and what he has and has not done to support veterans. I think it is of the utmost importance that voters understand that Toomey is not a real supporter of veterans, and is certainly not a leader in passing legislation to provide them with health care.

Toomey did vote for a bill to provide veterans with affordable, quality health care; that much is true. However, he only did so after voting against multiple bills and 12 bipartisan VA budgets meant to do the same thing. It should also be noted that he only made this vote when the situation had become a national crisis and was receiving widespread media attention and the bill was labeled as emergency legislation.

Toomey was certainly not a leader in this instance; he co-sponsored the bill, but he was one of 45 sponsors, and a third of the Senate had already signed on to the bill before Toomey decided to put his name down.

That's not leader behavior. That's follower behavior.


East Berlin