LETTER: Looking forward to 2016 'old kids' competition

York Dispatch

The Senior Games always generate big participation in many events. Anyone 50-plus years of age can participate. Besides sporting events, you can also enjoy playing cards. Great conversation takes place while lined up for events.

This year the weather gave us a special Saturday, and some of the people did track running in the rain. This made some of the volunteers "a little wet." Also a big thank you to all of the sponsors that contributed funds and volunteers to keep all events moving. Without volunteers supporting the fun time, the events could not happen.

This year a special closing took place. The electrical power went off at Central York High School, so instead of a microphone the leaders making presentations had to "shout." Also, the ice cream social was cancelled because of the power outage.

Looking forward to seeing all you "old kids" in 2016. Please invite your friends who did not participate this year.