LETTER: Doctored videos latest attack on Planned Parenthood

York Dispatch

As a supporter of Planned Parenthood, I was at first disheartened by the latest attacks on the organization. Now I'm angry. The videos that have been played all over TV and the Internet are heavily doctored. It's hard to believe that intelligent people could be fooled by such obvious propaganda.

Nothing in these heavily doctored videos suggest any violation of law. Tissue donation programs are legal and crucial for medical research, including on diseases and conditions that affect fetuses and babies. The full tapes make it clear that Planned Parenthood does not profit from a woman's decision to donate fetal tissue. For the record, no Planned Parenthood in Pennsylvania participates in a tissue donation program

Planned Parenthood has provided much-needed medical care to Pennsylvania men and women for almost 100 years; they've been here in York since the 1930s. The people who made these disgusting videos have tried for years to destroy Planned Parenthood with false claims. Their agenda is clear: destroy Planned Parenthood, which would not only make access to the legal procedure of abortion much more difficult, but would make contraception, cancer screenings, STD tests and other preventive health care harder to come by for many York countians as well.


York City