LETTER: South Eastern's calendars a waste of money

York Dispatch

I want to comment about the school calendar that was sent to everyone in the South Eastern School District. I think it's time we, the voters, have some say in what goes on and how our money is spent, and not leave it in the hands of directors and or administrators to make decisions like this, which costs us, the taxpayers, more.

They answer to no one. School directors have too much power to do what they want, apparently never thinking about the poor guy who is on a fixed income. All this nonsense sooner or later results in higher taxes.

Somewhere, something is wrong with the system. It seems they find ways to spend money, rather than trying to save it.

There are many seniors here. Why do they need a calendar? (They don't.) Churches have monthly calendars that are handed out with all events. These could be printed by students and handed out at a fraction of the cost. Seniors don't need them. (Makes sense to me.)

I'm sure there more who feel as I do.


Cross Roads