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LETTER: Think twice before voting for Perry again

York Dispatch

Today, I received U.S. Rep. Scott Perry's "weekly update." I think I will unsubscribe from this to protect my blood pressure, which is rising faster than sea level.

Last year's Homeland Security Review stated, quite correctly, that climate change and its effects "present major areas of homeland security risk." Mr. Perry exclaims that he is "shocked that the department continues to make climate change a top homeland security priority while we have risks from terrorist groups, cyberattacks ..."

The departments of Homeland Security, Interior, Agriculture, etc., and all branches of the military face enormous challenges from climate change, in addition to numerous current threats. We, as a nation, must address all these issues, and our so-called representatives need to understand and act on all the threats, without denigrating the work of serious, informed, capable public servants at DHS.

Mr. Perry says assertions that climate change will induce more security threats "are ridiculous, and frankly, insulting." What is truly shocking and insulting is that he assumes that you, his reader/constituent, are ignorant and uninformed, so that you will agree with his statements and get caught-up in his destructive negativity.

There is no doubt the onslaught of climate change can destroy much of the world's agriculture and human habitat, including much our own. There will be wide-spread, increased pressure to find food, water and safe shelter. Such things historically lead to aggressive, militaristic, or terrorist activity, including here at home.

Also, sea level is rising fast, and will not stop before massive changes occur to shorelines. Consider, for example, the security threats to our naval bases, like Norfolk, which will need to be relocated and/or rebuilt, and the operational changes caused by deeper water in the littoral and intrusion of the sea into vast areas of lowlands. This is serious, and you know it.

If you voted Mr. Perry into office, think twice before doing so again. Our future is in your hands.