LETTER: Chamber backing wrong candidate in Toomey

York Dispatch

I was disappointed when I heard about the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's misleading advertisement about Sen. Toomey. I'm concerned that the chamber is backing the wrong candidate.

For example, Toomey has voted against funding for start-up businesses. He's voted to close Women's Business Centers and Veterans Business Outreach Centers. Doesn't he care about small business owners who are women and veterans?

Additionally, Toomey voted against other funding for renewable energy programs. To me, that doesn't make sense. Renewable energy programs can create jobs and help our environment. It seems like a win-win situation.

I'm also tired of groups like the chamber trying to portray Toomey as a common-sense politician. I recently heard that he's actually the ninth most obstructionist member of the Senate.

Finally, I wonder why the chamber is getting behind Toomey — given the fact that the senator supports large corporations rather than small businesses. The ad omitted the fact that Toomey twice filibustered the Bring Jobs Home Act, which would end tax breaks for corporations that send jobs overseas and would give tax write-offs to companies that bring jobs back to the U.S.

I'm tired of Toomey sticking up for large corporations rather than small businesses and working families. Pennsylvanians deserve better from their U.S. senator.


Mount Wolf