LETTER: Wolf, Clinton cut from same cloth

York Dispatch

With the presidential election just around the corner, there are candidates popping up left and right who are going to all explain how they will work to make conditions better. While many of them have some good ideas and others have some not so great ideas, we should be concerned about what is happening right here in Pennsylvania. Tax-and-spend Gov. Tom Wolf wants to create a natural gas severance tax that will continue to send Pennsylvania down the wrong path.

One of the top issues, for me, that must be addressed in all campaigns is security. Pennsylvania's natural gas production helps strengthen America's energy security by making us less reliant on foreign energy sources. We cannot afford to raise taxes on an industry that is so important to our energy security. We should be working to lower the tax burdens and looking for ways to improve security.

Democrats like Secretary Hillary Clinton and Gov. Wolf are one and the same. They will continue to look to raise our taxes any way they can. Right now we need to work together to send Harrisburg and D.C. a message and say no to tax increases, especially to the severance tax in Pennsylvania.


Conewago Twp.