LETTER: Saylor and cronies the real usurpers

York Dispatch

So state Rep. Stan Saylor believes that local governments have usurped the state's power by regulating dangerous activities in their cities and towns.

Maybe Stan should look up the definition of those big words before he uses them in public. Usurp: take possession of, commandeer, encroach or infringe upon (someone's rights).

It appears that the reality is that Stan and his cronies have consistently usurped the authority of the people of Pennsylvania. Giving someone who is not affected by a law (the NRA) the right to sue the government over a gun law is a true example of usurping the authority of the local government and the people affected by the gun violence.

It's just another example of Saylor and the Republican Party usurping the rights of the people of Pennsylvania.

The Republicans have made it their mantra to take power away from the state union workers in the name of saving money through eliminating pensions (even though studies show that the costs will actually go up for the next 30 years) while their own budget calls for a 22 percent raise in funding for the state Legislature.

And the true usurpation of power: data from the state website shows 50 percent of Pennsylvania's registered voters are Democrats and 37 percent are Republicans. But through gerrymandering, voting districts have been manipulated so that 60 percent of the Pennsylvania Legislature is Republican and 40 percent is Democratic. Apparently Rep. Saylor is OK with usurpation of power as long as the Republican party is grabbing the power away from the common working people and their fairly elected representatives.


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