LETTER: Local gun laws harm law-abiding citizens

York Dispatch

What happens when municipalities pass unconstitutional laws or laws which they have no legal authority to pass? These unconstitutional laws remain on the books and are detrimental to law-abiding citizens.

It is hard to imagine that there are still people who are so naive that they believe passing another gun-restricting law will deter a criminal. Most citizens who would be affected do not have the financial resources to contest these unconstitutional laws. Municipal officials know this, so some of them have no qualms about imposing their own beliefs on fellow citizens.

Any organization helping a citizen to right these wrongs should be commended for their effort and not be disparaged by the media. The state Legislature is clarifying this and acting on behalf of the citizens.

Suppose a municipality passed a law overriding the state "right to know" law. The new municipal law would say that the media is only entitled to the information that municipal officials want them to have. Look out. The media would be up in arms (pun intended). They would be screaming bloody murder. There would be much weeping and gnashing of teeth as they marshaled their forces and their millions of dollars to slay the horrible, unconstitutional law.

What say you to that, editorial board?

The First Amendment to the Constitution is not the only amendment.


Conewago Twp.