EDITORIAL: Now is the time for equality

York Dispatch

In an interesting juxtaposition this week, the Confederate flag came down in many places and the rainbow flag representing the American LGBT community has been given its rightful standing in the nation.

Because of a Supreme Court ruling today, there is no place in this country where gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender couples will be discriminated against if they want to marry.

We are applauding. And shedding a tear of joy.

Our children, brothers, sisters, friends and neighbors in the gay community have long been loved and respected by those closest to them who want them to have the same right to celebrate their spiritual, emotional – and legal – unions.

But they have suffered mightily from bullying and marginalization – often within their own families and communities.

And they have suffered from the prejudice of a nation whose outdated laws marginalized them and therefore was a party to the cruel and inhuman attitudes of those bigots and bullies.

This decision strengthens the sanctity of marriage rather than diluting it.

This decision means we have reached a milestone, but make no mistake, there is work yet to be done regarding equality, for the LGBT community and our brothers and sisters of color.

But today marks a day in our history, following a brutal, racist episode in a historically black church in Charleston, when we can say that this nation has the will to champion equality.

It gives us hope.