Route 30 east closed at Hellam, possibly until Friday

Traffic is "pretty backed up" on Route 30 East, according to York County 911 officials.

David Weissman, and Christopher Dornblaser
York Dispatch
A worker with Pro-Cut Concrete Sawing & Drilling, Mechanicsburg, cuts through a section of the Burgs Lane bridge in Hellam Township after equipment being hauled by a truck hit the overpass Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2015. Workers said they were replacing a section of the bridge's front beam. Rt. 30 eastbound will remain closed at the Hellam Exit possibly until the weekend. Bill Kalina -
  • UPDATE: Repairs on overpass are expected to last through Friday afternoon
  • UPDATE: Burgs Lane, where bridge's underpass was hit, will be closed soon as well

Route 30 eastbound is closed at the Hellam Township exit because of emergency repair work on an underpass that was struck Monday night.

The state Department of Transportation is expecting the 10-mile stretch from the Hellam Township exit to Wrightsville to be closed until Friday, according to spokeswoman Fritzi Schreffler. There is a possibility it will be opened earlier, she said.

Schreffler said a truck hauling a backhoe hit the underpass of the Burgs Lane bridge over Route 30, which has a minimum clearance of 14-feet-1-inch height at the point of contact, and all lanes on Route 30 east will remain closed until the damaged beam can be removed.

Burgs Lane will also be closed soon, Schreffler said, until a structure-mounted barrier can be put in place.

Charles Sprenkel, 78, of Hellam Township, sat  at the counter of Maple Donuts on 3345 E Market Street Tuesday night, where traffic is currently being rerouted due to the closure.

Sprenkel has lived in the area for his whole life and isn't fazed by the closure.

"I'm used to it," he said.

He said he uses Route 30 frequently but he will be utilizing the back roads to get around.

"You learn to know your back roads around here, you won't have a problem," he said.

Fred Messerly, 77, of Red Lion sat at the counter aft of Maple Donuts, killing time while his wife got her nails done down the road. He too is making preparations to avoid the closure.

"I use it about once every week," he said.

"No it won't affect my life at all, " he said. "Because I'll avoid it like the plague," he added while laughing.

He said he believes the closure will cause problems.

"I'd imagine it's causing a lot of people a lot of grief," he said.

Traffic was directed through Route 462 through Hellam and Wrightsville, which Schreffler said is experiencing significant delays as a result. As of 11 a.m., vehicles traveling on Route 462 were experiencing a 45-minute delay, she said.

The closed route sees an average of more than 23,500 vehicles each morning, Schreffler said.

Workers prepare to fix the Burgs Lane bridge in Hellam Township after equipment being hauled by a truck hit the overpass Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2015. Eastbound Rt. 30 will remain closed at the Hellam exit until possibly the weekend. Bill Kalina -

A spokesperson from Eastern York School District said the school let students out early in anticipation of the work. The elementary school was let at 2:30 and the high school was let out at 1:45. There are no plans for the week as of yet for Eastern York School District.

Jean Parks, Public Relations for York County School of Technology said the closing only affects three of the buses for the school. She said notifications have been sent out to the parents of the roughly 150 students affected. She said the buses will be given new routes and the students will be delayed going home, but they won't know how long the delay is for the students is until tomorrow. She said no bus stops will be changed from the closure.

"We anticipate we will be doing this for the next three days as well as today," she said.

She said the schools after school sports bus will also be affected but she does not to what extent.

Messerly formerly worked with Warner's Motor Express and sympathizes with the driver of the truck.

"Just think of that poor damn truck driver who did that," he said.

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