Republican Donald Trump wins Pennsylvania

The Associated Press

Republican Donald Trump has scored an important victory in the presidential battleground of Pennsylvania, capturing a state critical to Democrats’ White House hopes.

Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally a week before the election. Producers, writers and stars are scrambling to make changes in TV shows and movies to reflect the culture surrounding the president-elect.

Trump beat Democrat Hillary Clinton in Tuesday’s election. No Democrat has gotten to the White House without winning Pennsylvania since Harry Truman in 1948.

Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes are tied for fifth-most in the country, and a key building block to the 270 necessary to win the Electoral College. Clinton and Trump made more than 30 visits to Pennsylvania over the last five months of the campaign, more than any other state except Florida.

Democrats hold a 4-to-3 registration advantage over Republicans, and Trump’s victory breaks the Democrats’ winning streak in Pennsylvania’s presidential elections at six.