Presidential candidate dropouts remain on Pa. ballots

Greg Gross

Some Republicans may be left scratching their heads when they head to the polls for the Pennsylvania primary later this month and see the names of a few presidential candidates who have dropped out of the race.

Have no fear. There isn't a mistake with the ballot.

GOP candidates Jeb Bush, BenCarson and Marco Rubio have all left the race, but they either did so after the March 2 deadline to withdraw from the April 26 primary or never filed to withdraw.

Bush dropped out of the race in February, well ahead of the deadline, while Carson and Rubio left after the race just after the deadline.

Even though they aren't vying to be the next commander in chief, that doesn't mean diehard supporters can't cast votes for Bush, Carson or Rubio.

"Voters can still choose one of those candidates to show their support," said Nikkie Suchanic, head of York County's elections office.

Three Republican candidates still remain in the race for the Oval Office. They are  Ohio Gov. John KasichTexas Sen. Ted Cruz and businessman Donald Trump.

On the Democratic side, voters will see the names of presidential candidates Hillary ClintonVermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and businessman Rocky De La Fuente on their ballots.

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