Warrington Township Supervisor

York Dispatch

Three candidates are running for two seats for Warrington Township supervisor in the 2015 Primary election on Tuesday, May 19.

The York Dispatch asked them to answer three questions and provide basic bio information to help voters with their selection.

Their responses are:

Biographical information

George H. DeFrain III (R)

No response

Thomas Hawkins (R)

Age/Family: 47 years old, husband and father of two.

Occupation: Professional Educator—High School Teacher.

Education: Master's Degree in American Studies from Penn State Harrisburg.

Community organizations with which you are active: Northern York High School Swim and Track team booster clubs. Member of Calvary Baptist Church.

Vicki L. Stoner (R)

No response

Questions and answers

1. How would you rate the township's performance at keeping taxes (especially property taxes) affordable for residents while providing adequate services? Why?

DeFrain: No response.

Hawkins: Good. The township is making strides to improve services throughout the community, yet there is still room for growth to insure that all concerns are given a fair hearing and attention when needed.

Stoner: No response.

2. Other than holding down costs, what would be your top priorities if elected supervisor (or to another term as supervisor)?

DeFrain: No response.

Hawkins: To continue the cautious yet progressive approach to maintaining and growing the community. To assist the other supervisors in keeping our township in the hands of local governmental control while striking a balance with the county, state or federal governments. To make the actions and proceedings more transparent, to try and improve township/community involvement.

Stoner: No response.

3. Why did you decide to run for township supervisor? Why should people support your candidacy?

DeFrain: No response.

Hawkins: I decided to run at the prompting of fellow community leaders and as a high school government/civics teacher, I wanted to practice what I teach. I want to be an example to the youth of today that one voice and one vote still matters.

I believe I will bring a unique perspective and fiscal responsibility to the board. I will bring a common sense approach to leadership, knowing that our local government is the best form of government. I also believe it is good to change things up from time to time.

Stoner: No response.