Lower Chanceford Township Supervisor

York Dispatch

Two candidates are running for one seat for Lower Chanceford Township supervisor in the 2015 Primary election on Tuesday, May 19.

The York Dispatch asked them to answer three questions and provide basic bio information to help voters with their selection.

Their responses are:

Biographical information

Jesse R. Druck (R)

No response

James "Gus" Parlett Jr. (R)

Age/Family: 46/married

Occupation: Farmer

Education: Red Lion High School graduate

Community organizations with which you are active: PA Farm Bureau, American Berkshire Association, Southern York County EMS Board of Directors; Lower Chanceford Township supervisor vice chairman

Questions and answers

1. How would you rate the township's performance at keeping taxes (especially property taxes) affordable for residents while providing adequate services? Why?

Druck: No response.

Parlett: Our township has done an excellent job at keeping taxes stable while providing services.

2. Other than holding down costs, what would be your top priorities if elected supervisor (or to another term as supervisor)?

Druck: No response.

Parlett: Keeping the township a rural agricultural community.

3. Why did you decide to run for township supervisor? Why should people support your candidacy?

Druck: No response.

Parlett: I have lived and worked in Lower Chanceford Township my entire life and feel it is my civic duty to be involved in the local government and serve my community.