'She felt like one of us': Central York community mourns loss of beloved teacher

Franklintown Borough Council

York Dispatch

Seven candidates are running for four seats on the Franklintown Borough Council in the 2015 Primary election on Tuesday, May 19.

The York Dispatch asked them to answer three questions and provide basic bio information to help voters with their selection.

Their responses are:

Biographical information

Richard H. Blouch (R)No response Douglas Isenberg (R)No response Dale F. Kemper (D)No response James D. Kilgore (D)Age/Family: 73Occupation: RetiredEducation: High schoolCommunity organizations with which you are active: Rodney E. Stein (R)No response Gerard H. Ulrich (D)No response Tony Vasco (R)No responseQuestions and answers1. How would you rate the borough's performance at keeping taxes (especially property taxes) affordable for residents while providing adequate services? Why?Blouch: No response.Isenberg:No response.Kemper: No response.Kilgore:Any government body that would have paid a part-time borough sec/tre $58,000 must have their priorities messed up.Stein: No response.Ulrich:No response.Vasco: No response.2. Other than holding down costs, what would be your top priorities if elected to borough council (or to another term to borough council)?Blouch:No response.Isenberg:No response.Kemper: No response.Kilgore:To work for the good of the borough residents (not the few).Stein: No response.Ulrich:No response.Vasco: No response.3. Why did you decide to run for borough council? Why should people support your candidacy?Blouch:No response.Isenberg:No response.Kemper: No response.Kilgore: To try to restore honesty to borough government.Stein: No response.Ulrich: No response.Vasco:No response.