Fairview Township Supervisor

York Dispatch

Four candidates are running for two seats for Fairview Township supervisor in the 2015 Primary election on Tuesday, May 19.

The York Dispatch asked them to answer three questions and provide basic bio information to help voters with their selection.

Their responses are:

Biographical information

Lawrence G. Cox (R)

Age/Family: Wife, Brenda, four children, Terra, Michael, Luke and Matt, 6 grandsons

Occupation: Board-certified osteopathic family physician

Education: Medical school

Community organizations with which you are active: Team doctor for Red Land High School; directs the Patriot Football Camp for youth ages 5-14; physician for the PIAA game/tournament and PA Big 33 game; certified boxing ring physician with USA Boxing and the NCBA; and member of New Life Church, New Cumberland.

Korey Leslie (R)

No response

John C. Minito (R)

Age/Family: 70/Married

Occupation: Account Manager

Education: Central Penn Business Program

Community organizations with which you are active:

Fairview Township Recreation Board 1992 to Present, Chairman 1997 to Present

West Shore Recreation Board 1992 to Present

American Legion Post 974, 1990 to Present

St. Theresa Parish, Active

Amateur Softball Association of PA Player representative 1992 to Present

US Army Reserves 1962 to 1970

Robert P. Stanley Jr. (R)

Age/Family: 63/Single

Occupation: Registered Architect (Retired)

Education: Temple University, Bachelor of Science in Architectural Design Technology

Community organizations with which you are active:

Capital Region Council of Governments, delegate

Capital Region Council of Governments Appeals Board, member

Capital City Airport Master Plan Update Advisory Committee, member

Cumberland York Area Local Defense Group Advisory Board, member

Questions and answers

1. How would you rate the township's performance at keeping taxes (especially property taxes) affordable for residents while providing adequate services? Why?

Cox: Fair at best, but they have risked safety to limit taxes, i.e. fewer police officers (17-12). I am concerned re: re-selling of township assets (re reserve gasoline) to meet quick fixes.

Leslie: No response.

Minito: In 2014 I voted for and supported the elimination of the per capita tax on all residents. The Board has been looking at ways to eliminate or reduce taxes and lower fees. Reduce the cost of providing police services by a consolidation of our department with Lower Allen Township with no reduction in the quality of the services. Support the potential sale of the sewer system which would provide the opportunity to share some of the profits by reducing property taxes by 50 percent in 2016. Long term debt could be eliminated with the sale of the sewer system. We have fully funded the township's pension plans and post-retirement benefits plans. Residents do not have to worry about paying the bills of today, tomorrow. Reasonable taxes and fees should allow for continued responsible growth. It is important to me that seniors can afford to live in this community, while attracting families and those businesses that are compatible with the character of Fairview Township.

Stanley: Because of the economy, municipalities have experienced flat revenues in the past 5-6 years and Fairview Township is no different. The cost of employee medical and pension plans, fuel, road materials, etc. have increased dramatically. The township sources of revenue are limited to property tax, earned income tax (0.5 percent of the 1.45 percent tax), real estate transfer tax (50 percent of tax), and the $52 local services tax. The 2015 budget did not include a tax increase and the per capita tax was eliminated.

The township is currently in negotiations to sell our sewer system and I would support using some of the profits to reduce the 2016 township real estate taxes by 50 percent. This sale would eliminate 96 percent of the township's outstanding debt.

The township has been controlling costs by reducing personnel, taking advantage of purchasing items on state contracts, obtaining grant money and purchasing in bulk. The township is currently studying the feasibility of forming a regional police department with Lower Allen Township which will provide better coverage, service and would contain future costs. The township has maintained its level of services and recently purchased two new fire trucks on state contract. The township's pension plans and post-retirement benefits plans are fully funded.

2. Other than holding down costs, what would be your top priorities if elected supervisor (or to another term as supervisor)?

Cox: Further fiscal management.

Police/fire/auxiliary service support.

Involvement in selection of new township manager (current manager is retiring).

Leslie: No response.

Minito: Continued stable growth and revenue will support our residents' ability to remain in their homes for as long as they desire. Support those businesses that are in the township while at the same time providing a community where families want to live. Working on appropriate economic development provides for business to grow and thrive, making for a better community. It is important that everyone feels that this is their home. Provide recreation for the family, a place to bring your children and grandchildren, a community where volunteers are supported. Provide quality emergency services for all who live and travel in Fairview Township by assuring that the fire department and ambulance services are fully supported at all times. Evaluating the regionalization of the police department to maintain services and control costs. The potential sale of the sewer system will provide all the residents and businesses with a system they can afford and still provide room for growth. Our 3,600 customers cannot continue to support the costs of this system.

Stanley: Support the sale of our sewer system because our 3,600 users cannot support the cost of the Act 537 sewer expansion project required by DEP as well as other capital improvements. This will stabilize our rates.

Support the formation of a regional police department by Fairview Township and Lower Allen Township as it will benefit both municipality's residents and police. A feasibility study has recently been completed and is being review by both municipalities.

Investigate the feasibility of providing a traffic signal at Lewisberry Road and Poplar Road/Springers Lane and at Lewisberry Road and the Southbound I-83 ramps which are congested intersections. A traffic signal for Fishing Creek Road and I-83 north bound ramps/Locust Road is under design.

Continue to support utilizing York County Economic Alliance to promote new commercial development to strengthen our tax base as well as marketing vacant commercial spaces in the township. Initiate a study to revitalize the New Market Area which is the northern gateway to the township.

Develop a long range plan to expand the township park system to provide children's playgrounds in existing developments. Last year the township acquired additional land for Roof Park.

3. Why did you decide to run for township supervisor? Why should people support your candidacy?

Cox: Help encourage more transparency re: executive sessions by the board.

New face/new honest reporting.

Leslie: No response.

Minito: Beginning as a volunteer over 24 years ago, I realized that serving the community in which I live was one of the most important things I could do. As a resident and member of the community, I will continue to make myself accessible to the concerns, complaints and comments of the residents of Fairview Township. I will work to help guide this community, with the support of the residents, for the long term to help assure their home will always be their home and a place for family. The resolution of the matters with our sewer system and the long term stability of our Police Department are issues that need to be completed. The residents can count on me to understand this is their community and that I am here to work for them.

Stanley: Over the last 4 years as a supervisor, I have supported major issues such as economic development to strengthen our tax base, worked toward a resolution to our sewer system issues, regionalization of our police department and I want to follow these issues through to completion. My township experience includes serving on the planning commission for 10 years, sewer authority chairman for 15 years and the zoning hearing board for a short period before I was appointed supervisor in January 2012. My profession as an architect also has provided me with planning, design, financial and construction related skills, which are an asset to the job. People should support my candidacy based on my previous experience, dedication and ability to solve problems.