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Dover Township Supervisor

York Dispatch

Two candidates are running for one seats for Dover Township supervisor in the 2015 Primary election on Tuesday, May 19.

The York Dispatch asked them to answer three questions and provide basic bio information to help voters with their selection.

Their responses are:

Biographical information

Monica Love (R)

Age/Family: 45 years old, married 23 years, mother of a graduating high school senior

Occupation: Zoning & Codes Enforcement Officer West Manchester Township

Education: High school graduate and specialized continuing education classes

Community organizations with which you are active:

Chesapeake Bay Pollution Reduction Plan Steering Committee

York County Stormwater Consortium Management Committee, Vice Chair

Local Government Advisory Committee, Vice Chair

York County Zoning and Permit Officials Association, President

Robert Stone (R)

No response

Questions and answers

1. How would you rate the township's performance at keeping taxes (especially property taxes) affordable for residents while providing adequate services? Why?

Love:I have to rate our performance as excellent and much of the reason is due to the staff of Dover Township. It has been an escalating challenge to balance the budget without raising taxes, but it has been a priority for the Board. All around us taxes have gone up – federal, state, county, and school taxes continue to worsen, but we have maintained a level field without cutting residents' services.

Dover Township has not raised property taxes over the length of my term, while the draw on services has only grown. The per-capita tax hasn't been raised in decades. The Local Services Tax, raised in 2010 goes to address the specific needs for fire and police services. Street maintenance, plowing and sweeping, recreation programs and recreation area needs have only grown over the last 10 years, without any additional funding from taxpayers.

Stone: No response.

2. Other than holding down costs, what would be your top priorities if elected supervisor (or to another term as supervisor)?

Love:Dover Township is in the midst of a Zoning Ordinance revision, which will allow for small business and industry, while protecting the residential/rural character of our township. I believe it is critical to get that Ordinance passed and adopted, to promote commercial growth in the areas that make sense, and safeguard existing natural areas and residences which need to be protected.

I did not run with an agenda my first term and I have not developed an agenda to push with this election. I do my best to look at each issue on its merit to the Township and its long term overall strength. There are several areas of the Township where infrastructure is failing. We as a Board need to structure a plan to address these needs and the funding to see it through, without selling off productive assets.

Stone: No response.

3. Why did you decide to run for township supervisor? Why should people support your candidacy?

Love:I served several years on the Planning Commission of Dover Township while working as staff at other townships. I learned about the workings of municipal government from the inside, and wanted to put that knowledge to work here at home.

I don't plan to serve a third term after this but I'm not content to leave the board as it is. The possibility of selling off the water and sewer departments shows a frightening short-sightedness that has not yet been put to rest. If those facilities are sold, when the windfall of money is gone, and it will go quickly, the Township will be left with a lower rating, poor borrowing power and no assets, along with a shortfall in manpower and equipment during emergencies - among many other issues.

Dover Township has a well trained staff, capable management and solid facilities. We are in excellent shape when all things are considered. The Board is needed to guide the direction of our growth, not try to change the Township into something it isn't. I will do my best for Dover Township and its residents and businesses. I'm not in it for any other reason.

Stone: No response.