10 contested races in York County primary election

David Weissman
York Dispatch
In this Nov. 7, 2016 file photo, a ballot box is set for residents to vote at midnight in Dixville Notch, N.H. (AP Photo/Jim Cole, File)

Less than a week away from Pennsylvania's 2018 primary election, take a look at what races will appear on your ballot.

York County voters will have the opportunity to help decide 10 contested races, seven Republican and three Democratic, on Tuesday, May 15, for elected positions, including U.S. senator, U.S. representative, governor, lieutenant governor, state Senate and state representative.

Pennsylvania has closed primary elections, meaning registered Republicans can only vote on the Republican ticket and vice versa for registered Democrats.

Here are the races and candidates:

U.S. Senate:

  • Democrat Bob Casey, of Lackawanna County (incumbent)
  • Republican Lou Barletta, of Luzerne County (current U.S. representative)
  • Republican Jim Christiana, of Beaver County (current state representative)

U.S. Representative (10th District):

  • Republican Scott Perry, of Carroll Township (incumbent)
  • Democrat Eric Ding, of Carlisle
  • Democrat George Scott, of Franklin Township
  • Democrat Alan Howe, of Carlisle
  • Democrat Shavonnia Corbin-Johnson, of York Township

U.S. Representative (11th District):

  • Republican Lloyd Smucker, of Lancaster (incumbent)
  • Republican Chet Beiler, of Lancaster
  • Democrat Jess King, of Lancaster


  • Democrat Tom Wolf, of Mount Wolf (incumbent)
  • Republican Scott Wagner, of Spring Garden Township (current state senator)
  • Republican Laura Ellsworth, of Allegheny County
  • Republican Paul Mango, of Allegheny County

Lieutenant Governor:

  • Democrat Mike Stack, of Philadelphia (incumbent)
  • Democrat John Fetterman, of Allegheny County
  • Democrat Ray Sosa, of Montgomery County
  • Democrat Kathi Cozzone, of Chester County
  • Democrat Nina Ahmad, of Philadelphia
  • Republican Jeff Bartos, of Montgomery County
  • Republican Peg Luksik, of Cambria County
  • Republican Diana Vaughn, of Washington County
  • Republican Kathy Coder, of Allegheny County

State Senate (28th District):

  • Republican Kristin Phillips-Hill, of York Township (current state representative)
  • Republican Julie Wheeler, of Windsor Township
  • Democrat Judith Higgins, of Lower Windsor Township
  • Democrat Shawn Mauck, of West York

State Representative (92nd District):

  • Republican Dawn Keefer, of Franklin Township (incumbent)
  • Republican Joshua Hershey, of Carroll Township
  • Republican Curtis Werner, of York
  • Democrat Shanna Danielson, of Carroll Township

State Representative (93rd District):

  • Republican Mike Jones, of York Township
  • Republican Matt Jansen, of Yoe
  • Democrat Meggan O'Rourke, of Springfield Township

State Senate (48th District):

  • Republican Mike Folmer, of Lebanon County (incumbent)
  • Democrat Lois Herr, of Lebanon County

State Representative (47th District):

  • Republican Keith Gillespie, of Hellam Township (incumbent)
  • Democrat Michael Wascovich, of Hallam

State Representative (94th District):

  • Republican Stan Saylor, of Windsor Township (incumbent)
  • Democrat Steve Snell, of Windsor Township

State Representative (95th District):

  • Democrat Carol Hill-Evans, of York City (incumbent)

State Representative (169th District):

  • Republican Kate Klunk, of Hanover (incumbent)
  • Democrat Sarah Hammond, of Hanover

State Representative (196th District):

  • Republican Seth Grove, of Dover Township (incumbent)