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York City Rep. Carol Hill-Evans makes case for second term

Jana Benscoter
York Dispatch
  • The freshman lawmaker is seeking a second term in the upcoming midterm elections.
  • Hill-Evans didn’t run a full campaign, but she said she’s ready for the challenge.

State Rep. Carol Hill-Evans didn’t run a full campaign in 2016, but she said she’s ready for the challenge.

Rep. Carol Hill-Evans, D-York City, announced she is seeking re-election in the 2018 mid-term elections. (Submitted)

The York City native was picked by York Democrats after former state Rep. Kevin Schreiber stepped down following his Democratic primary victory to become CEO of the York County Economic Alliance.

Hill-Evans beat her Republican opponent Joel Sears in the 2016 general election. Now she is taking on her first full campaign in the 95th District.

“This is going to be a level of campaigning I’ve never experienced before,” Hill-Evans said. “There are a lot more people I want to help, and the area is a lot wider. I have to get out and knock on doors. I’m prepared to do that.”

Democrats have historically won the seat dating back to the 1980s, and the freshman lawmaker is seeking to retain it in upcoming midterm elections. 

Rep. Carol Hill-Evans, D-York City, announced she's running for a second term. (Submitted)

According to her Facebook page, she wants to continue to work toward her issues of job creation, raising the minimum wage, fighting for increased funding for education and mental health resources — specifically for veterans — and economic development.

“One term is not enough time to effect change in the 95th District,” Hill-Evans said. “This year was spent getting acclimated to the drive back and forth to Harrisburg, being assigned to committees, finding out about the process, going to session and learning how to move legislation. I have the process down now, but I need to be able to find out what kind of legislation my residents want. So I’m running again because I’m not done yet.”

Republicans: York GOP Committee Chairman Alex Shorb said Sears is not running this election season.

“There are people who have expressed interest,” Shorb said. “We are giving people guidance on filling out petitions. I don’t want to say anybody’s name until they have gone through the petitioning process.”

Shorb added that the district is one Republicans continue to focus on.

“The numbers weren’t great for us two years ago, but I still see a path to victory there,” he said. “It’s going to take a lot of work, the right message and the right messenger.”

Shorb explained Sears ran on the platform of property tax elimination.

“For whatever reason that just wasn’t a message that propelled them to vote for a Republican in that cycle,” he said. “There were a lot of other things going on, too. Maybe we did have the right message, but the election was overshadowed by the national scene.”

Rep. Carol Hill-Evans, D-York City, said she's seeking re-election in the 2018 mid-term elections. (Submitted)

Only Democrat: Hill-Evans is the only Democrat representing York County in the Pennsylvania General Assembly. She serves on the House’s Education, Local Government, Urban Affairs and Veterans Affairs & Emergency Preparedness committees.

Pathway to Pardons seminar comes to York City in February

The representative said she is hoping to finish up her freshman year with action. She said she’s optimistic House Bill 1633, which would establish a task force on campus sexual assault and "intimate partner violence," will gain traction.

When lawmakers can sit down over a beer, she said, and learn what matters to the other side, great things can happen.  

“I am so honored and humbled,” Hill-Evans said. “I feel so blessed to be in this position. I do get to talk to a lot of people and hear their concerns. I said all along it doesn’t take a resolution, sometimes it takes just caring to hear what people have to say.”