A well-known Harrisburg activist will bring his flag-burning protest tour to York County on Wednesday, Nov. 29. 

Gene Stilp will set fire to a hybrid banner — with the Confederate flag on one side and the Nazi flag on the other — to “shine a light” on the continued use of racist symbols in counties across Pennsylvania.

“By using a symbol of racism that the white supremacists and KKK use, we can really focus on making people think about that,” Stilp said Friday, Nov. 24. 

“Are you flying (the Confederate flag) because you like history or are you flying it because you’re a white supremacy supporter?” he asked. 

The flag-burning demonstration will start at noon outside the York County Judicial Center and will take place “rain or shine,” Stilp said.

Stilp has taken his protest tour to multiple county courthouses in Pennsylvania and several NASCAR races, with counter-protests popping up at many of his demonstrations.

The tour began after officials of the Bloomsburg Fair unanimously voted in September to allow vendors to sell merchandise bearing the Confederate flag.

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