Democrats also juggling politics of sexual predation

Juliet Linderman and Calvin Woodward
The Associated Press

WASHINGTON – Democrats have been quick to support the women who have publicly accused powerful men of preying on them sexually.

But the party is in something of a predicament because it is facing allegations about two of its own in Congress: Michigan Rep. John Conyers and Minnesota Sen. Al Franken.

And, in another era, the Democrats circled the wagons around President Bill Clinton, dismissing or belittling women who said Clinton harassed them and worse.

Leading Democrats have so far called for ethics investigations of Franken and Conyers. BuzzFeed published affidavits from former employees of Conyers who said they saw him inappropriately touching women who work for him and asking them for sexual favors. Conyers’ office now confirms a settlement with one woman while denying he did anything wrong.