Speaking at a country club luncheon, gubernatorial candidate took a camera from a liberal super PAC "tracker."

HARRISBURG — President Donald Trump hasn’t endorsed a candidate for the GOP nomination in Pennsylvania’s gubernatorial election next year, but Scott Wagner might have something close to it.

Steve Bannon, the divisive ex-Trump strategist, urged a conservative gathering in St. Louis over the weekend to support the Republican state senator from Spring Garden Township.

Wagner told the crowd that flying to St. Louis with Bannon left him “500 percent more emboldened.” He also said Pennsylvanians are being “shafted” by politicians from both major parties and criticized the state Senate’s Republican leadership as giving Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf “a free pass.”

Wagner told The York Dispatch his meeting with Bannon was just a coincidence.

"I was going to this rally, and he was there," he said.

Asked whether Bannon would be appearing at a future campaign rally in Pennsylvania, Wagner said that wasn't the plan, but "anything is possible."

Bannon touted Wagner as challenging “a corrupt and incompetent Republican establishment” that he says hasn’t supported Trump. Ex-health care consultant Paul Mango also is seeking the GOP nomination to challenge Wolf’s bid for a second term next year.

Wagner won his Senate seat in a special election during 2014 by running as a write-in candidate after the state GOP endorsed a different candidate.

Wagner also held a campaign rally last year at one of his Penn Waste facilities with now-Vice President Mike Pence in support of Trump.

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— Staff reporter David Weissman contributed to this report.

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