Late additions bring choices to York races

David Weissman
  • Democrat John Bosha adds name to ballot for 31st Senate seat against GOP candidate Mike Regan.
  • Independent Kate McGraw adds name to ballot for 92nd House seat against GOP candidate Dawn Keefer.
  • Incumbent Reps. Phillips-Hill, Saylor, Gillespie and Grove running unopposed.

Four Republican candidates in York County are headed toward unopposed elections in November, but two late additions to the ballot have given some local voters another option.

John Bosha, a pharmacist, is running on the Democratic ticket in the 31st Senate district.

John Bosha, of East Pennsboro Township, Cumberland County, recently announced his candidacy on the Democratic ticket for the 31st Senate District, and Kate McGraw, of Monroe Township, Cumberland County, will be running as an independent for the 92nd House seat.

Bosha, a pharmacist who previously held public office as a school director, said his candidacy stemmed from an interesting series of events.

No Democratic candidates ran for the state Senate seat during the primary, but Republican candidate Jon Ritchie received enough write-in votes on the Democratic side to appear on the general election ballot if he wanted.

Ritchie decided shortly before the withdrawal deadline that he didn't want the Democratic nomination, and Bosha, who serves as treasurer for the Cumberland County Democratic Committee, was chosen to take his place.

With less than two months to campaign against Republican nominee Rep. Mike Regan, Bosha said he knows he faces an uphill battle.

"It's a strange moment, simultaneously putting the (campaign) tent up and getting ready to take it down," he said.

A lifelong Democrat, Bosha said his primary platforms include properly funding public schools and increasing rural emergency services.

Bosha pointed out that his background in health care would match up with retiring Sen. Pat Vance, who was a nurse.

Regan, who currently holds the 92nd House seat, could not be reached for comment.

McGraw will be fighting to fill the seat Regan is vacating. She'll face off against Republican nominee Dawn Keefer, of Franklin Township.

McGraw noticed how many elections seemed to be unopposed and became intrigued at the possibility of adding competition, she said.

Kate McGraw, of Monroe Township, is running as an independent candidate in the 92nd House district.

Republican Reps. Kristin Phillips-Hill, Stan Saylor, Keith Gillespie and Seth Grove are all running unopposed in their re-election campaigns.

McGraw, an artist, said she has been gathering signatures since March and never considered running on either major party's ticket.

"I feel my independent status is a genuine part of myself," she said.

McGraw said she's campaigning without an agenda and is invested in being the voice of the voters.

"This is about representing the people," she said. "It's not a soapbox position."

Keefer said she learned about McGraw in June and that it's going to take a lot of work for the independent to become well known in the district, which encompasses Monroe Township and 12 municipalities in York County.

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McGraw said her career as an artist has prepared her to work on short deadlines, and she's ready for the challenge.

Though her last foray into politics was as class president at Cumberland Valley High School, McGraw said she believes she will continue her political career regardless of this election's results.

"I really feel like I've tapped into something," she said.

Bosha, on the other hand, would love to win this election, but if not, it might be the end of his political career.

"If I lose, I'll just go back to being a pharmacist," he said. "Politics is just a hobby at this point."

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