Trump flag at Maple Donuts spurs debate

Greg Gross

People driving past Maple Donuts' flagship store on East Market Street in Springettsbury Township might have noticed a couple of new flags: one supporting Donald Trump flies on a flagpole just below the American flag and another hangs on the front of the eatery.

The Maple Donuts location along Interstate 83 in Newberry Township also is flying the GOP standard-bearer's flag, PennLive reported.

The displays seem to have divided some doughnut eaters, who turned to social media to lend their support for, or to denounce, the flag-flying shop.

"You guys support Trump?? Guess what, I won't support you. Not buying your donuts anymore," a former customer wrote in a post on Maple Donuts' Facebook page.

Another wrote: "Count us as another family that will no longer patronize Maple Donuts. You're free to exercise your First Amendment rights. We're free to exercise our rights of association."

Other Facebook commenters threw their support behind Maple Donuts and Trump.

One wrote: "Making America Great Again one delicious donut at a time."

Another: "Forget negative reaction to the Trump flag. You keep flying it and I will keep buying donuts galore!!"

Some customers of the 3455 E. Market St. doughnut shop on Friday said the flag that bears the polarizing politician's name won't dissuade them from buying a baker's dozen.

"I don't care if they are voting for (Democratic presumptive nominee) Hillary (Clinton) or whoever. I'm going to stop and get my donuts either way," said Craig Lusk, a Windsor Township resident who said he'll likely vote for Trump. "Not a very good selection this year."

Bill Alessi, of York City, sitting on a bench at a bus stop outside the East Market Street store, squinted at the sun as he looked up at the Trump flag flapping in the breeze.

"That's not going to affect them one way or the other," he said, adding he likes to see a business that's supporting his candidate of choice. "I'm voting for Trump. I can't stand who's running against him."

Questions about the flag were referred to owner Charlie Burnside, who was unavailable for comment.

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