Wolf Furniture: We're not related to Gov. Wolf

Greg Gross

Odds are there's a kitchen somewhere that's lined with Wolf cabinets and has a kitchen table from Wolf Furniture.

But that is where the connection between two sects of Wolfs ends.

And the family whose company sold that table is letting people know there's no relation between Wolf the furniture sellers and Wolf the cabinetmakers whose famous son is governor.

The Altoona-based Wolf Furniture is airing a 30-second ad spot on television to let people know they are not related to Gov. Tom Wolf, whose family founded the Wolf cabinet-makingbusiness.

"I'd like to clear the air. We're not related to anyone in public office," Doug Wolf, CEO of Wolf Furniture, says in the commercial. "We're not in politics at all."

Confusion: There has been confusion over whether Wolf, the governor, is related to or connected with the Wolf Furniture name since even before he took office in January 2015.

A news release from the furniture Wolf, which has a location in Springettsburgy Township, notes its stores have received regular and frequent comments about a relationship between the two since the governor’s campaign began in 2014.

“Some customers see this as positive, others do not,” Doug Wolf said in a news release. “All we want to do is provide quality home furnishings to all parties and anyone else who’s looking for terrific value and great service.”

During one campaign stop in York City, then-candidate Tom Wolf fielded a question from a supporter asking about the furniture business, to which he said his family is not related to those Wolfs.

The local Wolf: Tom Wolf's family founded Wolf, which operates under corporate parent the Wolf Organization. Those Wolfs are also the namesake of Mount Wolf.

"This is not the first time Wolf Furniture, the Wolf Organization and Tom Wolf have been confused. It won’t be the last," said Jeff Sheridan, spokesman for the governor, wrote in an email.

But Wolf, the furniture one, couldn't resist poking a little fun at Harrisburg at the end of the commercial.

"We don't want your vote. We just want your business," Doug Wolf says. "Quality home furnishing at a budget we can all agree on."

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