Watch Pa. Legislature's 2016-17 budget hearings

Staff and wire

The Pennsylvania General Assembly this week began holding budget hearings on Gov. Tom Wolf’s $33.3 billion spending plan for the the 2016-17 fiscal year.

Click here for a schedule of the House Appropriation Committee hearings and here for a list of Senate Appropriations Committee hearings. You can watch a live feed of the Senate sessions here, and click here for a live feed of the House sessions.

Senate budget hearings

Wolf calls the state’s finances a ticking time bomb and wants a nearly $3 billion, election-year tax increase to wipe out a long-term deficit and narrow a huge funding disparity between wealthy and poor school districts.

Top Republican lawmakers say they’re committed to dealing with the deficit without raising taxes. The sides are still fighting over billions of dollars eight months into the current budget year after House GOP leaders helped block a tax increase. That’s left school districts to borrow to stay open.