In Capital-Star Q&A, Seth Grove makes what CNN calls a 'stunning revelation' about election fraud

Staff report
As chair of the State Government Committee, Rep. Seth Grove (R., York) will serve as the gatekeeper for all proposed election changes in the House.

CNN aired a segment Friday on the “stunning revelation” from state Rep. Seth Grove — “the Pennsylvania Republican who pushed the big lie of mass election fraud in his state” — in a Q&A with the Pennsylvania Capital-Star published Thursday.

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Regarding a December letter Grove organized asking Congress to reject Pennsylvania’s election results — eventually 64 Republicans signed it — a reporter with the nonprofit news site asks the Dover Township lawmaker if there was election fraud in Pennsylvania last year.

“Yes, there was. They have confirmed cases of election fraud,” he answered.

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Grove is then asked: Who committed that fraud?

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“Right, Republicans. But it’s still election fraud. It doesn’t matter who [commits] it. We don’t want that fraud to occur. And to say there wasn’t any is a lie,” he said. 

“Now, I will say there’s not like this mass amount of fraud, that’s going to shift hundreds of thousands of votes. But there was election fraud. We have had repeated, repeated election fraud in this commonwealth for decades.”

Grove had cited doubts about the election as a reason to hold the recently completed election oversight meetings in the House State Government Committee (which he chairs) that are expected to result in recommended changes to Pennsylvania’s election laws.

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The Capital-Star reporter pointed out: “But members, such as yourself, did not publicly call out these lies. In a single tweet, I believe you did. And these lies were allowed to propagate. And that created the uncertainty in the 2020 election that you are now attempting to solve.”

Grove answered: “I can’t help people believe everything on the internet. There are a lot of bad accusations out there. We did our due diligence to try to address them when members had questions.”