York County Prison contractor paid $200,000 settlement to family of dead inmate

Baby left on porch in good condition at hospital

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PITTSBURGH – A baby who was left on a porch was in good condition at a hospital Tuesday while police and child welfare officials tried to determine who has custody of the infant.

A woman told police she had heard knocking on her door and when she opened it she found the baby bundled in clothing in a baby carrier on her porch in the city’s Brighton Heights neighborhood, police said.

There was a mix of rain and snow falling at the time and temperatures were near freezing.

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The baby was taken to Children’s Hospital.

Police have not released the baby’s age or sex even though they have identified the child. They believed the baby was left on the porch as part of a domestic dispute between the child’s parents. Police also believed the baby was related to the woman who called police.

Police and child welfare officials are trying to determine whether to file charges.