2 teens plead guilty to fatally beating homeless man

The Associated Press
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PHILADELPHIA – Two teens have pleaded guilty to fatally beating a homeless man in Philadelphia, and both apologized to the man’s family in court.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports 15-year-old Brandon Conrad and 17-year-old Malik Page admitted in consecutive hearings Thursday to participating in the deadly assault on 57-year-old Kevin Cullen.

Conrad pleaded guilty to third-degree murder, robbery and conspiracy and was sentenced to four years at a juvenile facility.

Prosecutors say Conrad’s age influenced the sentencing recommendation, and that he threw the first punch but didn’t continue assaulting Cullen in 2017.

Page pleaded guilty to the same charges and received a sentence of 12½ to 25 years for stomping and kicking Cullen in the head and face.

He broke down in tears after apologizing to Cullen’s relatives.

A third co-defendant, 18-year old Emmanuel Harris, awaits trial.