Smoke from Canadian wildfires pushes air quality to unhealthy levels in much of Pa.

Friday’s winning lottery numbers

The Associated Press

HARRISBURG – These Pennsylvania lotteries were drawn Friday:


Cash 5 03-22-29-31-43

(three, twenty-two, twenty-nine, thirty-one, forty-three)

Estimated jackpot: $300,000

Match 6 Lotto 01-03-10-21-29-33

(one, three, ten, twenty-one, twenty-nine, thirty-three)

Estimated jackpot: $710,000

Mega Millions 02-10-46-50-56, Mega Ball: 16, Megaplier: 3

(two, ten, forty-six, fifty, fifty-six; Mega Ball: sixteen; Megaplier: three)

Estimated jackpot: $283 million

Pick 2 Day 3-6, Wild:

(three, six; Wild: zero)

Pick 2 Evening 0-6, Wild: 6

(zero, six; Wild: six)

Pick 3 Day 6-7-7, Wild:

(six, seven, seven; Wild: zero)

Pick 3 Evening 8-3-1, Wild: 6

(eight, three, one; Wild: six)

Pick 4 Day 7-7-2-1, Wild:

(seven, seven, two, one; Wild: zero)

Pick 4 Evening 4-3-0-7, Wild: 6

(four, three, zero, seven; Wild: six)

Pick 5 Day 8-3-8-5-3, Wild:

(eight, three, eight, five, three; Wild: zero)

Pick 5 Evening 0-9-5-4-4, Wild: 6

(zero, nine, five, four, four; Wild: six)

Powerball Estimated jackpot: $80 million

Treasure Hunt 04-14-25-26-27

(four, fourteen, twenty-five, twenty-six, twenty-seven)

Estimated jackpot: $45,000