HARRISBURG – These Pennsylvania lotteries were drawn Monday:

Cash 5 01-16-18-36-43

(one, sixteen, eighteen, thirty-six, forty-three)

Estimated jackpot: $500,000

Cash4Life 04-13-24-53-59, Cash Ball: 1

(four, thirteen, twenty-four, fifty-three, fifty-nine; Cash Ball: one)

Match 6 Lotto 04-06-19-23-24-26

(four, six, nineteen, twenty-three, twenty-four, twenty-six)

Estimated jackpot: $590,000

Mega Millions Estimated jackpot: $256 million

Pick 2 Day 7-3, Wild: 9

(seven, three; Wild: nine)

Pick 2 Evening 4-1, Wild:

(four, one; Wild: zero)

Pick 3 Day 2-2-2, Wild: 9

(two, two, two; Wild: nine)

Pick 3 Evening 4-0-1, Wild:

(four, zero, one; Wild: zero)

Pick 4 Day 0-5-0-1, Wild: 9

(zero, five, zero, one; Wild: nine)

Pick 4 Evening 3-9-2-0, Wild:

(three, nine, two, zero; Wild: zero)

Pick 5 Day 0-5-4-4-3, Wild: 9

(zero, five, four, four, three; Wild: nine)

Pick 5 Evening 2-9-5-5-9, Wild:

(two, nine, five, five, nine; Wild: zero)

Powerball Estimated jackpot: $70 million

Treasure Hunt 05-13-18-22-24

(five, thirteen, eighteen, twenty-two, twenty-four)

Estimated jackpot: $10,000


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