The U.S. Supreme Court in October heard oral arguments for a long-awaited case on partisan gerrymandering. The outcome of this case could essentially overhaul the American election process.


HARRISBURG – Registered Democratic voters suing to overturn Pennsylvania’s Republican-crafted map of congressional districts want the state Supreme Court to redraw the district borders if the Legislature and governor can’t do it within two weeks.

The plaintiffs outlined their arguments in a 76-page brief filed Friday with the state Supreme Court.

Republican legislative leaders and Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf have a Wednesday deadline to file their own briefs.

The justices will hold oral argument Jan. 17.

The plaintiffs’ brief calls the map of 18 congressional districts “impervious to the will of voters.” They want it to be redrawn using nonpartisan criteria. The map’s been used in three elections.

A state judge told the Supreme Court last month that the challengers didn’t prove the map violates existing law by unfairly favoring Republicans.

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