Woman raises money for homeless man who helped her

The Associated Press

PHILADELPHIA — A New Jersey woman who was saved by a homeless man when she ran out of gas in Philadelphia is raising money to help him.

Traffic moves along Route 30 in York Tuesday, May 2, 2017. PennDOT is raising awareness about traffic safety with a new Pennsylvania Crash Information Tool that let's anyone drill down the smallest details behind crashes on Pennsylvania roads and compare wrecks by county over time. Bill Kalina photo

Kate McClure was heading to Philadelphia to visit a friend last month when she ran out of gas on I-95. The Florence Township woman pulled over and began to worry until a homeless man approached her.

The man, whose name was Johnny, told her it wasn’t safe and he bought McClure gas with his last $20.

McClure promised she would return to pay him. McClure and her boyfriend, Mark D’Amico, have since raised over $20,000 for the former ammunition technician.

The couple hope to get Johnny an apartment and help with transportation.