Florist’s shop robbed while owner giving flowers to veterans

The Associated Press

GREENSBURG, Pa. — A Pennsylvania florist’s shop has been robbed while the owner was away handing out free bouquets to veterans at a health center.


Carrie South says the thief made off with $1,400 from Bloomin’ Genius Exotic Flowers and Gifts in Greensburg.

She tells the Tribune-Review she was handing out bouquets to veterans outside the Greensburg VA Primary Care Center on Oct. 11 when the theft happened. She was participating in a program called Petal It Forward, in which florists give away two bouquets, one for the person to keep and the other to give away.

When South returned to her shop she noticed her bank envelope was missing.

Her shop’s surveillance camera caught the man in action. Her only employee was distracted helping a customer.

She said Friday she hopes releasing the images helps catch the man.