GOP watches for Pa. House Speaker Turzai to decide on run for governor

MARC LEVY, Associated Press

HARRISBURG — Pennsylvania House Speaker Mike Turzai’s plan to run for governor is gathering dust while he’s embroiled in an increasingly ugly budget stalemate that shows no signs of ending.

The Allegheny County Republican didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment Friday through his office.

In May, Turzai told party members and leaders that he was seriously considering running. But he’s kept a low profile for weeks. Turzai’s longtime campaign consultant, Mark Harris, had no comment about Turzai’s plans while party officials, GOP activists and rival campaigns are wondering what Turzai’s going to do.

Ex-Allegheny County GOP chairman Jim Roddey says Turzai’s under a lot of pressure in the budget stalemate and he suspects Turzai is reconsidering running.

Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf is planning to seek a second term in next year’s election.